OMG Bathroom Reno

Hi Neighbour!

When we purchased this house, the first room Derek and I decided to renovate was the bathroom. That’s what we have been doing since about mid February. The bathroom is actually not that small, but the layout of the bathroom makes it feel that way. This wasn’t the only reason for renovating the bathroom. There was this awful wall paper on the walls. Why would anyone put wall paper in a bathroom? It’s counterintuitive with all that steam. There was also no fan, the shower head certainly was not sufficient, it resembled those spray faucets that you install in a kitchen sink. It would have taken at least 20 minutes to dampen my hair with that so-called shower head. I have a lot of hair. Derek and I are also pretty short people and the toilet that was installed was very tall. My grandfather was a tall man who had knee replacements making it difficult for him to bend his leg. The toilet was basically right up against the tub and so to make going to the washroom more manageable the toilet was not only tall, but had been reoriented on an angle in attempt to be farther away from the tub. The bathroom was really most practical for my grandparents, and while I’m sure it worked for them Derek and I will make our changes so it becomes most practical for us.

The Plan: get a new toilet and install not on an angle, move bathtub and wall approximately two feet into the bedroom, install tile in bathtub/shower surround and on the floor in place of the linoleum, update bathroom vanity and finally remove wall paper.

Bathroom before pictures. Renovation and demolition day. sarahskry. Hamilton, GTA, Toronto, and Niagara

Bathroom before pictures. Renovation and demolition day. sarahskry. Hamilton, GTA, Toronto, and Niagara

As you can see the bathroom vanity is outdated. And because the bathroom is small it appears to take up even more space visually on the wall and the floor. We would have liked to push back the wall where the radiator is as well, but it cost too much money to relocate it. And that wall is shared with the closet in the spare bedroom, so relocating the radiator meant we would also lose the closet in the spare bedroom. So we ultimately decided to move the bedroom wall but only the part of the wall that was not a part of the closet. Our thought process was that it would be better to make the bedroom slightly smaller while keeping the closet, make the bathroom slightly bigger leaving the rad as is and that a larger bathroom would make a good selling feature in the future if we decided to sell. Truthfully, we may not have even decided to move the wall had it not been for Derek’s step-father Gordon Vis. He is extraordinarily handy. Handy is not sufficient in fully describing his skills, but either way he has been so helpful and generally very enthusiastic about the whole project. Derek and I are incredibly thankful that he enjoys this type of work and that he enjoys doing this type of work for us. Whenever I read blogs about home renos and the person just so happens to be married to someone who is a contractor, or has a father who is a carpenter etc. etc. I sigh time and again thinking how great it is for them to have someone like that and how much more cost effective. Even my parents, when they moved into their first home my grandfather helped them do all the renovations they needed. Now I am one of those lucky few! Thanks Gord πŸ˜€

Bathroom before pictures. Renovation and demolition day. sarahskry. Hamilton, GTA, Toronto, and Niagara

Bathroom renvoation on demolition day. sarahskry. Hamilton, GTA, Toronto, and Niagara

In these images I had already begun the demo. Mainly just removing the tiles from the wall. They basically just fell off hahaha! Sorry for the quality of the photos. They were taken with my phone and I also hadn’t thought I would blog the process. I’ll know better for next time and hopefully have the foresight to take batter, more comprehensive photos. Still learning!

We did have three plumbers come in a give us a quote on the work that needed to be done. It was suggested we also get new faucets. I would have liked to have kept the old ones, but I was informed that because of their age, there was most definitely corroding and that it would be difficult and expensive to find parts for the old faucets. Alas I had to say goodbye to the criss crossed handles in the tub. Because this is our first home, it is really important for us to have a budget and stick to it. After the plumbers came we began browsing online for the new things we needed. We looked a lot at Home Hardware and Home Depot. If we saw something we liked and was reasonably priced I would pin it on a private Pinterest board in order to keep track of it and its price. Then, when we made an estimated budget we could plug some prices in and see how close or how far we were from our max budget. Obviously part of the budget was set as a contingency fund, in case we found anything scary or unexpected.

I’m super excited that the bathroom is on its way to being completed. It is our first project we have done together that is on this scale, on a scale where demo has to be done. We had lots of questions and lots of nights searching for answers and what would be best for us. I will keep you people updated πŸ™‚ See you in the next one!


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