The Insides: Part Two

Hey Neighbour!

Welcome back to Part Two of the insides of my new home. Today I will be taking you on a tour of the second floor. Last time we left off at the bottom of the steps. At the top of these stairs is basically a one-season room or a “sun room”. It isn’t finished and as you can see, at some point we may try and do that; however it is not a priority. Right now it is being used to store Christmas decorations.






This is the hallway. That’s not parquet flooring you’re looking at. It’s one of a kind! Because this house was built post war, materials were scarce. Carpenters and builders had to be resourceful and use what was available to them. This particular floor is the wood that used to be put in the bottom of suitcases to help give them structure. My grandmother’s father was in the luggage business, BLANK to be exact. And so this is what they used, cut it into smaller rectangular pieces, it’s very thin and it was installed in layers. Fun fact: My grandmother’s wedding dress was made from the lining from the very same suitcases. It was a white-satin like material with very light blue stripes. Cool right?


Here is the dormer. It’s just this little nook, and since it’s near the bookshelf we thought we’d turn it into a music listening and reading corner.  That super old air conditioner under the window is one my dad and his sisters all pitched in together to buy because it got so hot upstairs in the summer. It doesn’t work. And just across from the nook is another room. It actually used to be my father’s room. How weird is that? Look, on the closet door he put up this small sign that states that it is indeed his room. We are making it into an office and den.You can see the flooring in this photo a little better. Since we are not going to have a television, it’s our plan to get a large MAC desktop that we can use to watch movies and television. Probably get Netflix. I also want to get rid of the built in desk. Yes, that’s a built in desk behind that wire mattress support thing. Controversy! I know getting rid of something that is built in seems frivolous and wasteful, but frankly the desk is in bad shape and pretty disgusting. I was also hoping to have a standing desk.









Moving on. This is the bedroom Derek and I decided would be where we slept. My two aunts used to share this room growing up. While being a fair size, it is on the smaller side. The reason we chose this room is because of all the natural light that comes in. The sunlight just pours in, which is helpful for me in the morning. Makes getting up much more enjoyable. There isn’t much room for bedroom furniture so we have talked about many options to try and make the most of this space. For one, we chose a bed that would have drawers underneath. Since there is just the one tiny closet we see that some renovations may be in store for this room. Some ideas we had are to turn the wall opposite the closet into one large closet because there is empty attic space on the other side. Or we could push the wall out farther so that there is more square footage, more room for furniture and just more walking room. We’re still tossing ideas around so please if you have any input please leave suggestions in the comments. Suggestions are totally welcome. Either way, the smaller bedroom will force us to pare down our belongings to what is essential.






That about does it for the second floor tour. There is a lot of storage space on this floor which is a good thing, but it may not be necessary for us right now at this point in our lives. So trying to utilize these small spaces the best we can is really important to us. It is also a good way for us to maintain a more minimal lifestyle, keeping what is necessary. Obviously since this is my Grandfather’s house, we want to keep sentimental things too. It is just a matter of being more selective. Things we need, things we use and things that mean a lot. Thanks for joining me again. See you soon!


5 thoughts on “The Insides: Part Two

  1. Janessa S says:

    Cool! You need a better picture of your dad’s desk! I would support destroying that desk only in the event that you were tearing down the wall adjoining to your master room to make the bedroom bigger. I don’t think you would necessarily sacrifice the minimalism that you’re going for if you want to make that bedroom bigger. I think in the long run you would want a full closet/storage situation in your bedroom. You could dismantle “Brian’s room” altogether and make that whole area the nook. But then you’d lose out on a private office (if you need one). Hmm ideas ideas ideas.

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