The Insides: Part One

Hey Neighbour!

Last time I just gave you a teaser of what the outside of my house looked like. Today I will be sharing its insides with you. A little bit of a disclaimer first. I have not moved in yet! Crazy right? Well I haven’t moved in because the bathroom on the main floor is being renovated. There is a sort of a crude bathroom in the basement with a basic shower, sink and spot for a toilet but it’s not something I’m down with using. Basement’s small spaces, cob webs etc. give me the creeps. But it is perfect for Derek to use apparently. He’s enjoying “roughing it” (A blog post in the making). Enough chit chat, let’s being the tour!

This is our enclosed front porch, otherwise known as the dump, land of rejects, the freezer, Chewy’s escape route (that’s our cat)…I could go on forever. I say freezer because at one point our fridge wasn’t working and the only time I could be thankful for winter weather was when we were able to put our food out there to keep it from going bad. As you can see there are various objects kept out here. There was a stove out here that was originally in the house. Burners worked, the oven did not. Out on the porch it went. It had become a main talking point with visitors. Anything that is meant to be thrown out also lives out here. Originally the porch was not enclosed (I preferred it this way). When Bubby got older, about 85 years of age, about the time you’d decide you’re too old to begin remodelling your house, he decided to close it in. It was a bit of a rough job considering his physical limitations as an 85 year old man. I’d like to return it to it’s original openness, but Derek would like to consider finishing the enclosure properly. Opinions are welcome.


It’s funny because as I take you through the house I think of everything that was shared with me  by my dad, my aunt’s and whomever else knew my grandparents. My family remembers everything. This front door has three panes of glass. Or so I thought. I was told my Bubby locked his keys in the house once and in order to retrieve them he broke into his own house by breaking one of these panes and reaching in. So now one of these panes is actually plastic.


Here is the entryway, the dining room and living room . This is a massively out of tune piano. My aunt is taking it somewhere. It’s not ours. I don’t mind. I really love the living room with its big windows and smaller feature windows. My cats really appreciate them. The sills are very wide which is nice for plants, cats and sitting while warming my toes on the radiators below. All the windows are original and have the original storm windows.





This is the spare bedroom. Initially it was the master bedroom, where my grandparents used to sleep side by side in their separate double beds that were pushed together. I know right? Anyway, this was their bedroom, it doesn’t get a ton of light so we opted to take the similarly sized bedroom upstairs. All that stuff in the corner is things we kept that were in my grandparents house before we took possession. We were lucky enough to have a chance to go through some of my grandparents’ things and decide what we wanted to keep. Seriously though you should have seen it and I should have taken photos of it. But it was so overwhelming. This house was basically out of an episode of hoarders. There were piles like this all over the house with only small paths wide enough for only one person to to navigate their way through the mess. My grandparents and their children lived here for most of their lives. Altogether they lived here for about 60 years and so they managed to accumulate a lot. They never threw anything away in case they needed the extra parts for something, which is probably why we found 8 irons and only one of them in working order.



The kitchen. I really like the kitchen. The floor is pretty awful. Other than that we plan on keeping most aspects of the kitchen. We don’t plan on redoing it for another 2 years. So right now we are making do. Why aren’t there cupboard doors you ask? Well we are going for an open shelving concept. Just kidding! Another one of my Bubby’s old age projects. The cupboard doors went all the way to the top of the ceiling. He decided to lop off the tops of the cupboard doors to make smaller doors at the top with a longer door underneath so you could store things way up there and not open the whole cupboard. I don’t know either.It was good he kept busy. Anyways he didn’t finish and I’m not putting the chopped cupboard doors back on. Open shelving it is. Check this little hidden cutting board here hidden just under the counter on the left side. Fun fact: my dad would sit at it and eat when his sisters’ persistent smacking was just too much for him and when they couldn’t get along. Next.







The mudroom. This part was an addition built onto the original house. It’s not in very good shape as you can see. But we thought it would make a great mudroom. I plan to take this built in desk out, and hey! There’s a radiator under there! We’ll put in a bench and some coat hooks, probably some shelving. Obviously we need to paint. Bubby was a smoker on and off, but I’m told he never smoked inside. He must have smoked in here often because I’m otherwise perplexed as to how the walls became so discoloured. We plan to make this our entrance and guests can enter through the front or the back. But for us this is really handy because it’s right off the kitchen for when we’ve done groceries. Also garbage and recycling will be back here.








This is turning out to be a long post. I will leave it at the main floor for now. The upstairs and basement can be saved for another day. What about that main floor bathroom you say? Well that’ll be a bathroom reno post. I know you’re just as excited about it as I am! Talk to you later.









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