The House My Grandfather Built


Hey Neighbour!

My name is Sarah Skrydstrup and I have decided to start a blog…I know this is not groundbreaking stuff. In fact I have made the decision to start a blog about 5 billion times and have never done it. I’m doing it now! It’s never too late right? Anyways, what has made me actually start writing a blog was the purchase of my new house with my partner Derek. I plan to blog about the process of buying/fixing up the house in some future posts. The house needs TONS and TONS and TONS of work. And I wanted to chronicle the transformation/restoration of this oldish home.

The house we purchased was my grandparents house. Grace Skrydstrup, my grandmother, and Leroy Skrydstrup, my grandfather,  lived in this house with their three children. Their only son is my Dad. But what is more extraordinary is that Leroy and his father Frederich built this house for his family to live in after he married Grace. This was back in 1945 (or thereabouts). The house is about 70 years old. Both my grandparents are both deceased. It’s sad, but I am glad to have the strange and bizarre opportunity to begin my family in the house my grandfather built.

I will leave it at that for now. More stories to follow. I hope you enjoy reading and keeping up with my blog whether you are a family member, a friend or a welcome stranger. Talk to you later!

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